The Beautifying Benefits of Green Tea


How often do you consider checking your kitchen cupboard for things that you can make use of for beauty and health care?  Take green tea for example. It can be found in all leading grocery stores but more than being a common beverage, it is actually beneficial to one’s skin. Here are some of the beautifying benefits of green tea:

1. Fights Free Radicals

The Skin Specialist Blog here has several posts reiterating how unappealing free radicals are. They are unstable components that can trigger visible signs of aging. Free radicals are inevitable because the most common cause for their appearance is the UV radiation that comes from sunlight. In order to ward off premature aging, you need to arm yourself with natural beauty serums and antioxidants. In several studies, green tea showed great potential in neutralizing the damage done by UV rats exposure. Green tea can even assist in soothing painful sunburns if applied topically. Although we do not suggest that you totally replace your medical products with green tea, you may include it in your regimen and see how it works for you.  

2. Reduces Inflammation and Soothes Acne

Apart from sunburns, green tea has anti-bacterial properties which can also stabilize hormonal activities. Catechins from green tea have anti-inflammatory actions preventing further outburst of acne. Furthermore, one research conducted in the Harvard University showed that green tea chemicals stimulated the production of gammadelta T-cells, the components that assist in the promotion of immunity against bacteria and viruses.

3. Helps Prevent the Occurrence of Diseases

 Studies are continuously done to prove the ways green tea assists in the prevention of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hepatitis, and even the big-C family.There is an extensive array of research regarding green tea’s potential in preventing diseases. Instead of gulping soda and other unhealthy bubbly beverages, you may opt for green tea to quench your thirst. These days, people are becoming more creative in the preparation of green tea drinks. From green tea milk shakes to smoothies, you will never have an excuse to neglect this wonder drink.

 4. Reduces Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

 Green tea is a quick and inexpensive way to reduce the appearance of those dreaded dark circles. It is even used by models to freshen up their look before hitting the runway. Green tea contains tannin and caffeine which constricts the blood vessels and minute capillaries under the eye.  For a long-term effect, you can use trusted eye creams that promote skin cell repair.

5. Controls Weight

If there’s one thing green tea is most famous for, it is weight control. Due to its absence of sugar and calories, you may take more than one cup each day. Moreover, the caffeine in green tea helps in boosting the body’s metabolism which in turn can burn calories faster.

 The best thing about green tea is its affordable price tag. Having a beauty drink that improves both your skin and health is such an interesting idea. To double the effect of green tea, you may pair it with super foods that nourish and detoxify the body in a promising way!

Also consider Rooibos (Red Tea) and experience the same benefits and some unique to this heavenly tea as well.  Whether you drink it or apply to the skin Red Tea is a wonder in itself!


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