Acne Basics and Dr. Schrammek Blemish Balm


While acne is not life-threatening, it can make a major impact on your appearance and self-esteem.  Sampling an array of drying, irritating lotions, and potions often makes the condition worse.  Dr. Schrammek blemish balm contains a unique blend of ingredients and conceals as it heals.

What Is Acne?

Acne is actually a disease involving the skin.  Oil glands under your skin are connected to your pores through follicles.  The follicles are where small hairs grow.  The glands produce an oily liquid called sebum that transports dead skin cells through follicles to the skin’s surface.  When follicles get blocked, acne happens.  Bacteria from oil, cells, and hair form a plug.  Resulting bacteria causes inflammation. Untreated acne can cause scarring.  Dr. Schrammek blemish balm is an easy way to reduce inflammation and cover up acne as it heals.

Types of Acne

All pimples are not created alike.  There are types of acne and each one looks different.  Some are more prone to cause scarring than others.  Types of pimples include:

–        papules are the small, pink bumps we often see;

–        whiteheads are barely visible white clogs under the skin;

–        blackheads are visibly black and come out on the surface of your skin;

–        pustules are red with a pus-filled top;

–        cysts are also filled with pus but tend to be painful and are likely to cause scarring; and

–        nobules are large pimples that are embedded on the skin but can be seen on its surface.

Acne Cause and Effect

The cause of acne is still undetermined.  Acne can be aggravated by stress, eating certain foods, hormonal shifts, or oily cosmetics that clog your pores.  The opposite are drying cosmetics.  Often they irritate the skin without clearing up acne and might make skin more prone to sunburn.

Severe acne may require attention from a dermatologist.  For mild to moderate acne, cleaning the skin is essential.  Never go to bed wearing makeup.  Use natural skin care products.  Safe cosmetics are

non-comedogenic so they don’t further clog your pores. Dr. Schrammek blemish balm was created and tested by dermatologists.  It includes a host of natural healing elements to address skin concerns and conceal flaws.

Skin Conditions Dr. Schrammeck Blemish Balm Combats

Dr. Schrammek blemish balm was developed to deliver non-toxic beauty solutions for a variety of acne-related skin conditions.

–        Perfect your complexion with a concealing makeup in four shades to match every skin tone. Smooth away large pores, imperfections, red blotches, rosacea, uneven spots, hyperpigmentation, and impurities.

–        Spot treat pimples and blackheads to prevent them from happening.

–        Minimize redness and irritation, flaking from harsh medicines and improve redness from rosacea

–        Reduce the irritation and itching of insect bites, sores, and blisters on the lips.

–        Encourage faster regeneration after laser treatment.

The plant powered elements in Dr. Schrammeck blemish balm include joboba to bind moisture; licorice root extract to relieve irritation; allantoin for healthier cell regeneration; zinc oxide to reduce inflammation; and bisabolol to calm and soothe.

Toss away those skin-clogging makeups and invest in natural, safe cosmetics for acne.  Dr. Schrammak blemish balm is the solution you have been searching for.

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  1. Su Chain Lim says:

    Do I need to use the make up remover to remove the blemish balm that applied on my face?

    • Good day!
      Thank you for the question! Are you using the original blemish balm or the newer blemish balm beauty fluid? In either case, both are a tinted skin care product, although often used as a makeup. That being said, any quality cleanser will be perfectly fine to remove blemish balm products. As with any cleanser it should be massaged in circular motions up to 60 seconds to full dissolve dirt and cosmetics, then of course follow with an appropriate toner. You may select a Dr Schrammek cleanser or a creamy cleanser with fruit acids such as Sevani’s Ageless Radiance cleanser that dissolves makeup as well while also refining skin texture.
      Thank you for the question, we love assisting our visitors!

  2. Can I use blemish balm while pregnant?

    • Thanks for the question!
      We always recommend that you check with your physician if you have any concerns whatsoever. We know our clients use this product often throughout pregnancy but we can only advice to always check with your physician as they have, as we are not the manufacturer of the product.
      Thank you

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