Get Acne-free and Glowing Skin with Luscious Beauty Smoothies

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It isn’t breaking news that diet plays a crucial role in one’s skincare. Whatever you eat has a great chance to affect your appearance. However, a lot of people are guilty of not having a daily intake of proper nutrition. After all, there are things far more important than calculating vitamins and minerals. But this does not mean that you should deprive your skin from nourishment. Actually, there are wonderful drinks you can create easily to result in glowing skin!

Smoothies are easy to prepare but their benefits are innumerable. If you have no time to cook nutritious meals, just wash your organic fruits and veggies, blend them, and you will have a healthy beauty drink in an instant. There are no golden rules in creating beauty smoothies. You can place whichever combination you prefer but to be sure, follow the basic leafy vegetable-fruit-water formula. The resulting color might not look so appetizing but just try and you will be delightful that you did!

For green veggies, go for nutrient rich ones like kale, spinach or collard greens…  For fruits, try banana as a starter because of its sweetness and creaminess, which makes the drink more tolerable. 🙂  As you explore the world of smoothies, you can move on to mixing nutritious berries high in vitamin c, apples, and seeds like Chia to your drink. Try to determine which combination appeals to your tummy most. Also, don’t put a lot of water in the blender. The mixture has to be thick and creamy so that you can get utmost nutrients.

Studies show that problematic skin conditions are easier to treat if the intestinal tract is free from fungi. Detoxifying the stomach is hence very helpful in cleansing and rejuvenating the skin. Other than drinking your wonder creation, be careful with the products that you use. You have to ensure that what you are using does not have harsh ingredients that can cause long-term disparaging results. If your skin’s number one rival is acne, go for chemical-free products that are specially created for oil reduction and complexion treatment.

Veggie and fruit smoothies are also rich in fiber which in turn is effective in clearing sebaceous materials that may cause skin problems. Don’t underestimate the power of natural food for clear and glowing skin! Remember, a glass of smoothie a day may keep skin dilemmas away.

Get blending!

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  1. karissa says:

    YUM! These beauty smoothie recipes are awesome! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been enjoying them each morning since I read the post and have had amazing results with my skin (and have lost almost 10 lbs too!!) Thanks! ~K

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