Skin Care Tips To Help Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Winter


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As the seasons change so do the needs of our skin.  Soon, in the northern hemisphere, we’ll be coming up on winter.  With all the extra heat in our homes, offices, vehicles and everywhere else we go to keep us warm this time of year, our skin can get very dried out.

Proper hydration is important for every system in the body, including your largest organ – your skin!  Without the moisture it requires skin becomes tough, rough, loses elasticity and is much more susceptible to premature aging and other skin problems.

As we said though, during the winter, your skin is even more prone to these problems because it’s the first place all this dry, artificially hot air hits.  Not to mention there are often cold, biting winds outside that can also be drying and, the overall humidity levels are generally lower in the winter time; which doesn’t help our hydration efforts at all!

Here though, are some skin care tips that will help your skin battle the dehydrating effects of the winter this year so you can look your best the whole year long!


Add A Humidifier To Your Bedroom

One of the easiest ways to help your skin stay hydrated is to give it extra moisture.  Adding a humidifier to your bedroom can be an excellent way to do this.  You could put it in any room really but, because you’re stationary at night, you get a full 8-10 (or however long you sleep) hours worth of hydrated air as opposed to going in and out of your living room or office.  If you have the availability to put another humidifier into your home in addition to the one in your bedroom, that would be ideal.  If you only have one though it should go in the bedroom for maximum benefit.

Moisturize Your Face At Least Twice Daily

Find a luxury skin care brand that makes a moisturizer that’s good for your skin type and use it  – Often!  We recommend you moisturize every time you cleanse your skin, which should be at least twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening.

Use A Toner Before Your Moisturizer For Added Hydration

Many people know to cleanse and moisturize but skip the equally important middle step of toning the skin.  Using a toner after cleansing and before moisturizing not only provides added benefits to your skin, but, it also boosts the effects of the moisturizer you use.

Be Sure To Drink Water And Eat Fruits And Veggies Even In The Winter

Of course diet is an important part of skin care the whole year through.  Getting enough water and eating fresh, organic fruits and veggies are an important piece of this goal, but, especially the fruits and veggies part can be extra hard in the winter.  Give your diet a little extra attention this winter  by being sure to drink enough water and eat enough fresh food, and you’ll see results in the increased hydration of your skin.


Employ even one of these tips and you’ll notice a difference in your skin – use them all, and, well, it’ll be the best winter your skin has seen in a LONG time!


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