Don’t Forget to Wash Your Face Before Bed!


Most of us occasionally fall asleep with makeup on if we feel too tired to remove it. Some women never want to take their makeup off for fear of looking unattractive in the morning. But does sleeping with makeup on really do bad things to your skin?

We wear makeup to look radiant. The opposite happens if we don’t take it off before bed. Our skin is covered in millions of pores. Makeup, natural oils, and dead skin collect to clog your pores. As dead skin cells and oil (called sebum) collect in your pores, bacteria forms. The result is inflammation and even breakouts.

Besides causing acne, pores start to stretch out more when you leave makeup on overnight. Few of us want pimples and oversized pores. Forgetting to remove your makeup can also cause dry skin. Sebum can’t do its job of naturally protecting and moisturizing skin because your pores are clogged.

Another risky move is failing to remove eye makeup before going to sleep. The result can be a painful, itchy red eye infection. It may take weeks to clear up.  Many cosmetics for the eyes contain minerals and preservatives that are irritating, and because this is the thinnest skin on the body, it is also very sensitive.  Makeup and sticky substances also attract environmental impurities and debris which you will definitely want to rinse off before bed.

It only takes a minute to use a natural makeup remover or natural facial cleanser before bed. Take a cotton cloth or cotton balls and use upward strokes to gently remove your makeup. If you use water, wash with warm water then refresh your skin with a final cool rinse. Dry with upward strokes using a soft, clean cotton towel.

Apply a toner to remove the final traces of makeup and hydrate. Use a moisturizer with natural and organic ingredients to let your skin breathe while it moisturizes overnight. Choose non-toxic beauty items and safe cosmetics to keep your skin looking and feeling its best all the time.


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