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Our treatments are provided by an industry expert with extensive experience with skin enhancement procedures and product formulation.  She has also studied nutrition the the gut microbiome connection to many skin and scalp conditions.  She offers some of the most efficacious treatments for anti-aging, and hair loss to date. Only the finest products are used for our specialty treatments.  All products are vegan and gluten free.

All treatments are performed by an expert holistic aesthetician in a tranquil, synthetic chemical free, relaxing environment.

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Whether you are seeking to open your first Day Spa, Wellness studio or Medical Spa –
Our experts can help you design your space and select items to make your dreams come true!
We have experience with the leading vendors for all of your beauty equipment and decor needs!  Let us assist you with paint colors, durable flooring (essential for Spa products), bath and wellness furnishings, as well as Sauna selection, bath decor, front desks, supplies and more!  Custom design available!  Don’t have a space yet?  We can also guide you to make the best selection possible.  This is the fastest growing industry, and highly competitive – so let’s stand out from the crowd!
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$150/hr via FaceTime or in person 

Packages available)

Our expert holistic skin specialist and cosmetologist of more than 30 years will assist you in deciphering your current product labels, assessing your skin concerns and condition, while offering you a custom regimen.  This may include dietary modifications, supplement suggestions, product and service recommendations depending on your specific budget and concerns.  She has knowledge of all things nutrition, wellness, aromatherapy, hair loss causes and treatments, as well as in depth knowledge of anti-inflammatory products and nutrients. As your “virtual aesthetician” she can make suggestions for tools and ingredients for DIY procedures!  You will have the option to meet with her once per month to assess progress and make changes accordingly.




Dermaplane w/ Enzyme Peel $185 
This peel includes an initial dermaplaning of the skin to eliminate any surface skin cell debris.  This step allows for nutrients and essential serums to penetrate most effectively. This fruit enzyme peel is a wonderful anti-oxidant treatment for dry, dehydrated or sun damaged skin. Vitamins A & C combat free radical damage and help replenish the skin with moisture while natural enzymes dissolve surface skin cells. Gentle enough for very sensitive skin types. (add LED treatment panel for $50)


Glycolic Acid,  Mandelic, and Blended Peels   $125  -$350 depending on peel
This “lunch time peel” is the most non-invasive skin resurfacing procedure to date. Naturally derived alpha hydroxy fruit acids have the ability to dissolve skin cells in order to promote newer, healthier cell generation. Medical studies show this cumulative result includes collagen stimulation as well as stimulation of substances called glycosaminoglyclans, known to give the skin “epidermal volume,” thus substantially increasing firmness and lessening of the appearance of deeper lines, and imperfections. If you are looking to minimize lines, wrinkles, age spots, scars and tone and firm your skin, these medical grade peels are highly effective at delaying the aging process. Glycolic acids anti-inflammatory and resurfacing properties are also exceptional in treating acne and rosacea, along with the appropriate home care regimen. Mandelic acid is ideal for redness (rosacea or sensitivity), hyperpigmentation (age spots) and imperfections.  A series of 3-6 treatments is recommended. Ask for package pricing discount! (add LED treatment panel for $50)


Microneedling  $350+  (series of 3 is highly recommended/package pricing available)
Renew your skin with this intense collagen building treatment! Our specialty microneedling pen creates hundreds to thousands of “micro” injuries  (tiny skin punctures) per second to stimulate the skin’s natural wound healing process – inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling – to prompt tissue fibroblast formation – to tighten and firm the skin. Most patients can return to normal activities within 24 hours. Minimize fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and pigmentation. Increases collagen and elastin production to keep skin youthful and improve overall texture. A topical anesthetic may be applied. (add LED treatment panel for $50)


Aqua Peptide Micro Channeling   $250
A blend of biostimulators including amino acid peptides, growth factors and plant based extracts are infused into the skin via micro stamp tool and technique.  This will stimulate collagen and elastin production to firm and tighten the skin. This results in a beautiful glow with no downtime less some redness depending on skin type.  A topical anesthetic may be applied first to ensure a comfortable procedure.


Radio Frequency Skin Tightening w/ Microneedling  $750
This device combines microneedling and radiofrequency treatments into a single treatment that provides the benefits of both. The The system is can treat from light to dark skin types and uses 36 tiny gold-plated needles.  During the treatment, the microneedles will penetrate the patient’s skin, making the collagen-stimulating micro-injuries. There are a series of special design features meant to ensure patient safety and comfort.  As the needles create micro channels, RF energy will flow through the needles, stimulating rapid healing.  The combination of RF and microneedling assist in renewing skin texture and tightening the skin.  Settings may be adjusted to treat scars as well as for body contouring. A topical anesthetic is applied for this procedure for maximum comfort.  Very popular!

Radiofrequency Body Contouring  $750+ per area
Radiofrequency body contouring is also referred to as skin tightening. Radiofrequency  assists to contour and tighten the skin, remove fat and improves tone without any downtime or pain at all. This virtually pain-free procedure reduces cellulite, boosts collagen production and gets rid of fatty deposits that are resistant to exercise and diet.  A topical anesthetic will be applied. Please see above for more information.  Several sessions are necessary for optimal results.


Microneedling for Hair Follicle Stimulation $250 per session 
for fine, thinning, sparse hair  (min. of 4-6 sessions recommended)
Research has shown that hair growth may be promoted by follicle stimulation.  Stainless steel needles are used to create “micro” punctures in the scalp, along with essential serums.  The micro channels created stimulate fibroblast production for collagen synthesis and hair follicle stimulation.  For skin this procedures builds volume and reduces imperfections dramatically.  A topical anesthetic may be applied.


LED Light Therapy $200 per session (add to a peel or microneedling procedure for just $75!)
Our LumiFacial® targets common skin problems; such has acne, redness, and uneven pigmentation. During the treatment, a wrap-around facial panel is positioned in above your face. The physician or technician selects the specific Light energy required for your skin type and condition. At the end of the treatment, the technician will apply specialty products using a polarized current. This final step enhances the penetration of these products and promotes their efficacy. You can immediately return to your normal routine with no redness or peeling.  LumiFacial® treatments for face, chest or back areas can address the following:  acne, pigmentation, redness, photo-aging. Perfect post peel or post microneedling treatment.


Oxygen Infusion Skin Tightening  $200+ (boosters available)
Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion is a FDA approved technology for inserting high concentration of active substances in serum using hyperbaric oxygen. Active substances in serum are inserted into deep skin layers using oxygen, so that the first effects are immediately visible. The procedure is non-invasive, painless and brings out spectacular results thanks to high concentration of active substances such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and algae extracts. This skin quenching treatment provides the ultimate in intense hydration. Perfect for all skin types.  You may add on a booster to enhance your treatment.


Dr. Schrammek Herbal Green Peel  $175+ (Deep Peel is $295)
This specialty peel is only available through specially trained and certified aestheticians.

Developed by a German Dermatologist, this is a unique treatment utilizing intensive herbal ingredients to enhance the skins texture, improve appearance, and tighten the skin. This extremely popular European Peel increases micro-circulation and promotes a firmer skin while also minimizing imperfections. You will experience the power of herbal skin rejuvenation in just one hour. Whether you are looking for light peel prior to a special occasion or a serious treatment to improve overall texture and elasticity, we have a treatment for you. Minimize fine lines, scarring, pigmentation or treat acne with one of many corrective peels below. Try the “Deep Peel” for more dramatic results. Great for sagging skin, belly firming, arms toning for summer & more! 

Microcurrent Skin Lifting Anti-Aging Skin (popular!)  
$200 per session

The Soli-Tone is a unique skin rejuvenation device that uses light therapy and special currents to turn back the clock on aging, sun-damaged skin, minor acne, redness, and uneven pigmentation. This multi-platform system features two distinct facial treatments: The LumiLift® and the LumiFacial®. Simultaneous application of these technologies enhances their individual effectiveness, promoting cellular rejuvenation from within. Results are immediate and visible.

How new is this Technology? This technology was discovered by NASA initially and has been used to treat wounds in outer space as a result of it’s ability to produce collagen and heal tissue. Research has been conducted over a period of 5+years. They have since learned that “extreme” super luminous diodes (vs. super luminous diodes used in various other systems ) can increase collagen production by 5 fold. Up to now, treatments targeted individual problems. Soli-Tone was the first treatment device to combine two proven technologies: Light energy and micro currents to treat conditions in the epidermis, dermis, and muscular levels of the face, décolleté and hands without discomfort. This system treats the skin from the inside-out. Various benefits include lifting, firming, tightening, even skin tone, pigment reduction, improve acne, minimize wrinkles etc. Results are cumulative and a series is typically recommended for maximum benefits.

The LumiLift® procedure is a revolutionary way of rejuvenating the skin and lifting sagging muscles. It is performed with two (2) special electrodes that feature an advanced application of Micronized current, HF polarized current and light energy. (See pictures above) During the LumiLift® treatment, a pulsating light is directed at the skin surface. Light passes through the layers of the skin and penetrates into the dermis. This powerful light stimulates the fibroblast cell to produce more collagen. The increase production of collagen smoothes and softens the appearance of wrinkles, reduces the size of pores, and improves skin texture. At the same time, the electrodes emit Micronized currents to tone and life sagging muscles.
At the end of the treatment, an antioxidant product is infused into your skin using two special electrodes to smooth away facial creases.

What are Micronized currents? Micronized currents are non-invasive. They stimulate and resemble the biological currents that your body produces to tighten muscles. Extensive clinical research has shown that these currents are able to lift and tone the muscles. Most systems do not address the muscular layer. This layer atrophies as a result of intrinsic aging and must be addressed, not just the tissue alone. This is what makes this system so unique and effective..
How does the LumiFacial® treatment work? (panel)   The LumiFacial®targets common skin problems; such has acne, redness, and uneven pigmentation. During the treatment, a wrap-around facial panel is positioned in above your face. The physician or technician selects the specific Light energy required for your skin type and condition. At the end of the treatment, the technician will apply specialty products using a polarized current. This final step enhances the penetration of these products and promotes their efficacy. You can immediately return to your normal routine with no redness or peeling.
How long will the effects of the LumiLift procedure last?  Improvements continue for a minimum of three (3) months after a single session. Results are cumulative as fibroblast production CONTINUES to occur as a result of the photo-energy stimulation. After completing a series, depending on the rate of the aging process, changes can last over one year. A good skin care regimen combined with a monthly maintenance treatment is sufficient to enhance and maintain the result of obtain with the LumiLift® treatment.

How does this differ from Microdermabrasion or Peels?  This system is very effective for treating many conditions. However, exfoliation is still “key” to remove the dead skin cell layers to promote a healthy glow, allow for greater product penetration, and to renew the very outer layer of the skin. Facials, Peels or Microdermabrasion are still highly recommended at 4 week intervals in order to generate newer healthier skin cells. Both stimulate collagen product and improve skin texture. They compliment and improve the efficacy of the photo rejuvenation system.

The following treatments take 30 minutes to an hour depending on # of areas treated and skin condition.
LumiLift® Treatment, ideal for lifting face, eyes, and chest. Minimizes lines and wrinkles and lifts and tones the facial contours. Especially effective for sagging jowls and naso-labial folds. LumiFacial® is ideal post peel or microneedling procedure as well as an add on to various services.

The Benefits:
Light therapy stimulates formation of new capillaries, replacing those damaged.
Stimulates the production of collagen
Stimulates the release of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)
Increases lymphatic system activity
Increases RNA and DNA synthesis
Stimulates fibroblastic activity which aids in the repair process
Increases cell renewal
Decreases pore size
Decreases redness and pigmentation problems
Produces smoother skin and decreased wrinkles
Lifts sagging muscles
Restores muscle tone

SPECIALTY FACIALS  (1- 1.25 hours)

Non Surgical Facelift w/ Dermaplane $195
This facial includes an initial dermaplaning of the skin to eliminate any surface skin cell debris.  This step allows for nutrients and essential serums to penetrate most effectively.  The massage incorporates muscle elongation techniques and lymph drainage to tone and strengthen the facial muscles, leaving expression lines relaxed and collagen production stimulated. Micro current is then used which cause blood to rise to the skins surface which improves muscle contractions, strengthening and tightening through non invasive means, to improve circulation and product penetration. This treatment can assist in firming and tightening the facial tissues and also prevent and minimize expression lines when performed regularly.  A series of treatments is suggested for maximum benefits.

Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial $150  (most popular)
A series of cleansing, steaming, Glycolic or Pumpkin Peel, extraction, and vitamin serums are used to turn over new cells and retard the aging process. A fabulous facial muscle massage followed by a neck and shoulder massage are included in this treatment. The finishing touch is a specialty organic masque designed to improve skin tone and elasticity utilizing natures anti-oxidants for cell repair and nourishment. This is the ultimate anti-aging facial! If you are looking to soften imperfections and hydrate your skin, this is the facial for you!

Rosacea Treatment $175
A combination of fruit enzymes and naturally occurring fruit acids are utilized to exfoliate and reduce redness, while natural vitamins and oils, specifically for this skin condition are used to massage nutrients into the skin for cell repair and to minimize telangiectasias (blood vessels). Diet recommendations and product evaluation are an essential part of this facial. Prescriptions medications may be suggested along with a treatment program. Early intervention is key.

Therapeutic Backcial Treatment $210
This is a deep cleansing, exfoliation and massage of the entire back area to improve skin tone and texture of this hard to reach area. This treatment includes, exfoliation, relaxing massage of the neck, back and shoulders, a purifying masque, steam and pure essential oils to relax and rejuvenate. Provides a great looking back for backless dresses, sun bathing and improves acne, dry skin, age spots and overall appearance. A must for summer! Add a peel for just $40.


Organic Aromatherapy Facial $150 (our basic facial)
This is our European style deep cleansing facial. You’ll enjoy a thorough cleansing, aromatic, exfoliating, nourishing and relaxing treatment with pure essential oils and natural ingredients. This special layered aromatic facial will leave your skin extremely hydrated and refreshed. Customized for your particular skin type through the use of custom blended organic and wildcrafted oils and specialty exfoliant & masque.

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