Beat Winter Skin Woes with Omega Fatty Acids, Humectants and Exfoliation!

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Does another wild winter await us in the Northeast? Or all over for that matter?
Here are a few ways to beat the winter skin blues:

1. Exfoliate – Exfoliate regularly with a MILD (key word) exfoliant that gently dissolves skin cells to refine and improve skin texture.
Ingredients that are effective include natural salicylic acid – willow bark, and AHAs  – alpha hydroxy fruit acids.  These are nontoxic exfoliant alternatives to abrasive scrubs.
Scrubs can be too harsh for sensitive skin, and even disrupt blood vessels leading to redness and broken capillaries.  You can select from a cream or toner with these phenomenal all-natural ingredients.

2. Hydrate with Creams and Oils – Is one better then the other?  Nope!  Us skin specialists know that our skin is comprised of water, and therefore NEEDS water, so don’t use oils alone. Sure, they offer exceptional benefits and nourishment but a combination of both, along with a hydrating toner offers winter protection when used daily. Creams and oils rich in omega fatty acids and exfoliators offer the best solution. So in what order do we apply them?  It’s simple:  cleanse, tone, hydrate and apply your nourishing oil.  Of course don’t forget your eye cream.

3. Don’t forget the humectant! – Humectants such as hyaluronic acid attract and bind moisture to the skin, preventing accelerated aging and dehydration. The skins barrier becomes compromised from dry heat and lack of humidity therefore we much attract as much as we can via powerful humectants.  They assist in preventing trans-epidermal water loss and offer protection.

Wear your hat, scarf and face mask on windy days as well and you will prevent and protect your skin for a radiant winter glow!


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