Winter Skin Care Essentials You Should Consider


During the colder months, the skin undergoes several challenges such as dryness and flaking, not too mention a dull appearance. For those individuals with sensitive skin, adverse conditions including itchiness, cracking, and flaking can surface. Before freaking out, you simply need to know how the skin can be protected against such winter woes. Here are some winter skin recommendations.



This is perhaps the most essential item that you will need. Due to the dry weather conditions, the skin is depleted of its natural oils. It is essential that you replenish such moisture if you do not want the skin more fragile and unprotected from the elements. Moisturizing is a must! However, the type of moisturizer is important.  Consider skincare products that contain hyaluronic acid because this humectant for the skin will attract moisture and hold it within the skin to protect it. For additional benefits, consider renewal creams that not only hydrate the skin but also accelerate the cells’ regeneration properties via natural fruit acids, to help mildly (without irritation) slough off the dead skin cells.

For very dry skin, you might also choose an oil-based moisturizer as it will assist in creating a protective layer for the skin.

Natural Oils

After bathing, you can depend on non-clogging oils that will keep the body hydrated. Some oils include argan oil, kukui nut and even grapeseed oil. You may use a lotion but typically, it’s not enough to relieve the dryness. If you insist on a cream then add a few drops of argan oil to it for added moisture. Don’t forget the hands and feet as these may also suffer from “crocodile-looking” skin.

Lip balms

The lips also receive a beating during winter months. Apart from the normal dryness, some individuals even experience swelling and bleeding. For this to be prevented, don’t forget to use a nourishing lip balm every day.



Although you might be surprised, application of a sun-protective product is essential during winter. Even when the sky is gloomy, harmful UV rays as well as glare from the snow can fast-track your aging. Never forget to use an SPF when going outside.  Always use a gentle protection cream that leaves skin smooth and silky.

Winter time is a wonderful opportunity to stay comfortably inside your home.  However, consider a humidifier, quality beauty products and drinking much fluid to avoid the harsh effects of this often long season.

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