Why Face Oils are Good for You


skin treatment applying face oilMost of the time, people think that oil on their face is something undesirable, perhaps even ugly. We completely understand it if you are having consistent breakouts or have a face that easily get shiny but oil on your face can give you benefits as well. And Some of us should stop for awhile and consider it! If you can’t get yourself to give it a try then the following reasons might:

1. It is the best in terms of hydrating the skin. Face oil has components that blends well with the skin’s natural oils thus hydrating your face should be an easy task. If you’re a dry-skinned lady then this product should be on the top of your next beauty shopping list.

2. It’s can feel lighter than lotion. Did you notice how a thick cream on your face can be too dragging? We do! Lotions are meant to hydrate your skin and you need a lighter substitute, then some face oil will solve your problem.

3. With its many soothing ingredients and anti-oxidants, face oils prove to help in taking care of your skin after months of sun exposure. HINT: Look for one that has green tea extract or vitamin C or D in it.

4. It’s an instant makeup remover. If you are travelling and you need to pack light, then leave your makeup remover and just use face oils to remove your makeup. It’ll not only help remove the makeup from your face but its hydrating effect can do wonders to your skin.


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