Skincare Reminders for a Fabulous Fall Season


It’s absolutely fun to chill during summer and relish the sun’s heat but of course, seasons always come and go. Now it’s time to pack your hats and summer dresses and make way for fall. During the fall season, you will mostly be in sweaters, jeans, and boots but these wardrobe changes do not mean that your skin care regimen can take a break!

As you welcome the cooler temperature, your skin can likewise suffer from dryness, flakiness, and even itching. This is why the fall season calls for additional skin care. To ensure that your skin will still glow, here are some foolproof tips.


Incorporating a mild facial cleanser is important because you don’t want to strip away your skin’s natural oils during this crucial season. Invest in a moisturizer that delivers excellent hydration because your skin will need it most during chilly times. If you have to exfoliate, avoid harsh scrubs and rotating tools or limit it to just once a week to remove the skin’s dead cells without compromising moisture.  Choose alpha hydroxy fruit acids instead and protect those fragile capillaries.


If you are a fan of sweet-smelling lotions, you might want to keep them away temporarily, or make sure they are 100% natural fragrances.  Synthetic fragrance can be irritating, toxic chemicals and drying so avoid them at all costs. This time of year, your body will reap more benefits from oils. What you need is something to resolve the dryness dilemmas. Body oils are wonderful for after-bath regimens and you can even scent them yourself with organic essential oils, it’s easy!


Of all parts of the face, the lips are the ones that show immediate signs of drying. What’s worse is that lip dryness comes with flakiness and pain not too mention vertical lip lines! Select oil-based products that will make the lips supple.
Tip – as the skin of and around the lips is very thin like that of the eyes, eye products are GREAT lip treatments.  Choose one like Sevani’s ageless eyes revitalizing eye serum and experience the power of pure botanicals!

Hands and Feet

These parts are overused, that’s why it is only fair to give them nourishment! To prevent having unsightly cracks in your hands and feet, choose products that are infused with glycerin and oils.  At night, apply them onto damp skin on  and cover them with the fluffiest sock or even glove that you can get. If you have particularly dry hands you can sleep with moisture infused gloves!

Take care of your skin all year round and you will see the difference!




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