Winter Beauty Woes – And Winter Beauty Remedies


It is not surprising news that winter tremendously affects how the body looks and feels. When outdoors, you face the challenges of biting winds and bitter cold. When inside, the dry heat and lack of humidity affect the body’s appearance adversely.  Simple yet easy steps help you look wonderful despite the circumstances.


While heating is very essential in balancing the body’s temperature, it can also cause dry-eye syndrome. This syndrome can leave the eyes dry and painful. The easiest thing to do is to arm yourself with over-the-counter lubricants to re-moisten your eyes. This will keep the tear glands active. Eye serums are also efficient in hydrating the delicate skin of the eye area.


No matter how plump they appear to be, lips are vulnerable because they tend to lose their moisture fast.  Lips have thin layers and unfortunately, they do not have oil-producing glands so don’t be surprised if your lips are prone to cracking and dryness. Don’t be fooled that by licking your lips, you are moisturizing them. The truth is, you’re triggering the dryness more because licking makes the moisture evaporate quickly. You solution is lip balm or even eye product that will act as barrier.  Eye cream or serum?  Really?  You bet! The skin of the lips is similarly thin to that of the eyes and many of the ingredients are highly efficacious – just don’t plan for pleasant taste, and remember you should not be licking them anyway!

Hands and Feet

Upon showering, make sure to moisturize right away to lock in the water that the skin has just absorbed. While soaps are okay, you might want to make use of creamy shower gels, or just use soap on the “necessary” areas.  Slather your skin in a luxurious body oil like Sevani Moroccan Argan Oil to nourish the skin most effectively.  You can even scent it with lavender or other hydrating ingredients!


Your nostrils can also be affected during winter but to prevent them from being red or sore, apply soothing grapeseed oil or olive oil to the rims of your nostrils.  Some folks also experience dryness inside the nostrils.  Using a q tip you may gently apply these oils right on the inside as well to beat dry flaking and often embarrassing nose flakes.


The skin greatly suffers because of the harsh elements brought by winter. You need all the moisture that you can get to guarantee that your skin will not be so vulnerable. For dry skin, make sure to utilize ingredients like organic fruit acids and willowbark to minimize that dreaded winter flaking.   For reddened, rosacea and irritated skin, calming creams with ingredients like evening primrose, licorice root and rose will be essential. To know which products must be in your winter beauty kit, check out this store.  As long as you have the right skincare weapons, then winter should not be threatening at all.


Happy Holidays!
The Skin Specialist Team


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