Using Oils and Cream Cleansers to Cleanse Your Face: What you need to know!

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Harsh soaps and cleansers rob your skin of natural oils.  Ingredients like sulfates and gels may make your skin feel clean, dry and tight but is it really good for you?   Not at all….Your skin is left unprotected.  Our specialists recommend using cream cleansers or oil cleansing methods rather than traditional cleansing gels, soap and water. Using cream cleansers or oils to cleanse your skin is ideal for all skin types including people with acne and oily skin.

Keeping your skin supple and protected with natural oils actually prevents the reaction to produce more oil often caused by using soap and water. It can even result in acne for people with oily skin. Everyone else winds up with dryness and flakiness.  Because when you strip your skin of natural oils, it sends a message to the oil glands to create more oil to protect it, so even your SKIN knows it’s bad.

Cleansing with cream cleansers and cleansers with oils dissolves dirt vs “stripping it” to cleanse without stripping your skin. Dirty oils are replaced with beneficial botanical oils for clear, glowing skin. The oil cleansing method is also excellent for sensitive skin.

How do oils cleanse?  Simple!  Oils with vitamins and fatty acids combined with essential oils not only have the ability to dissolve dirt, debris and makeup from the skin but certain essential oils kill bacteria and offer regenerative properties while also leaving the skin hydrated! Simply rub the oils between the palms of your hands then massage your face with your fingertips.  Apply until it dries then steam your face with a hot cotton washcloth. Leave it on until the cloth cools to steam your face. Rinse the washcloth, wring it out and wipe away the remaining oil gently.

Oil cleansing is done once a day. To gently remove eye makeup before bed, use a few drops of Sevani Ageless Eyes Revitalizing Eye Serum on a soft cotton ball. The natural skin care formula hydrates and renews the delicate skin around the eye area with non-toxic beauty ingredients such as  argan oil, evening primrose and neroli blossom oil.  Helichrysum italicum is anti inflammatory and a super anti aging oil.  Not only can you remove your eye makeup but it doubles as an anti aging treatment!  Can’t beat that…..

Consider switching to cream cleansers and oil based cosmetic makeup removers and preserve your skins youthfulness while treating it to the highest quality ingredients!




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