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Here at, we love tracking down the absolute best in advanced  beauty and skin care products and technologies to offer to you, our beautiful reader!  But we’d like to take the next step in helping you make the most of your natural beauty – we want to hear your questions!


Send any and all of your questions concerning skincare products, common ingredients, new and old techniques and technologies, skin difficulties, makeup solutions, or any other beauty question that’s been burning a hole in the back of your mind, and we may choose your submission to answer on this blog!


We can’t wait to put our years of beauty research and experience towards solving your most puzzling beauty problems and satisfying your curiosities – send YOUR question to info (at) theskinspecialist (dot) com today!



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  1. karissa says:


    Can you give me some tips on what to actually do w/a zit?

    I know I’m not supposed to pop or pick it, but what can I do to heal it, and, how can I stop myself from popping those giant white heads? Is there a safe way to pop?

    Also – any tips on how to make it at least look better?


    • Hi Karissa,

      Thanks for the question. It is best to leave a blemish alone “if” you can. Inflammation from squeezing can only lead to scarring. It can also spread the bacteria to other areas creating more blemishes.

      Instead, you should consider using anti inflammatory products such as Dr. Schrammeks Blemish Balm and Sevani’s Advanced Complexion Corrector.
      Both reduce redness and help kill the bacteria while gently exfoliating.
      To prevent breakouts using daily aha’s (fruit acids) keep the pores free and clear, willowbark is also useful.

      If you absolutely HAVE to squeeze it we recommend using qtips and only apply gentle pressure and stop if it does not release easily.
      Avoid bacteria from the hands always and always clean the skin after to kill bacteria.

      Hope that helps!

  2. pam kaur says:

    i wanted to know that if the green peel will get rid of hyperpigmentation on my cheecks i will be 40 next week and this pigmentation really upsets me pam

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