Going Gluten-Free With Your Beauty?


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With gluten and gluten-intolerant conditions gaining ground day by day to become one of the most-discussed health topics, you may have wondered to yourself – what about the products I use on my skin?  While some may be more sensitive than others, it’s not always this obvious which products contain wheat or other grain glutens and which products are gleefully gluten-free.  Though picking a gluten-free product may seem as simple as checking the ingredients list for “wheat” or “gluten”, sometimes it’s not that simple.


Just like with foods you can buy at a grocery store, sometimes ingredients that may sound unrelated to wheat or gluten may actually be derived from a gluten-containing component. These “hidden-gluten” ingredients, though they sound innocent, may still cause trouble for those attempting to adhere to a strictly gluten-free regimen.  Take a minute today to compare this list  of “hidden-gluten” ingredients to the products you are using, then check out our store to discover the fantastic products we’ve found to help you treat your skin to the best gluten-free skincare there is.


Please share if you have been thinking about making the leap to gluten-free in your diet or beauty regimen.


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