Calming the Symptoms of Rosacea with Natural Ingredients


Although it may sometimes resemble acne, rosacea is different. This chronic skin condition is harmless but visible. It makes the skin on your face turn red with swelling. Sometimes skin sores form that resemble acne but the treatment for rosacea is different.

Acne is caused by clogged pores while rosacea involves the swelling of your blood vessels located right beneath the skin. While men get rosacea and the symptoms tend to be more noticeable, woman are more likely to develop this condition. Often it strikes people with fair skin who are between the ages of 30 and 50.

Symptoms include redness, a flushed appearance, a red nose, sores that may ooze and form crust and spidery blood vessels on the face. Sometimes your face has a stinging sensation and your eyes become watery and bloodshot.

While there is no cure at this time for rosacea, there are effective ways to treat it. First, consider ways to prevent symptoms of rosacea including:

  • minimizing daily stress;
  • lowering your intake of spicy foods and liquor;
  • reducing activity on very hot days;
  • avoid hot showers and saunas
  • using sunscreen daily and limiting your exposure to the sun;

Certain situations may worsen rosacea symptoms such as cold weather, windy days, very hot showers or bath and extreme exercise. Some skin products actually aggravate the symptoms of rosacea. There are natural skin care products developed to calm the symptoms of rosacea so you feel more comfortable and confident.

For example, Sevani’s Advanced Complexion Corrector was developed specifically for sensitive, reddened skin. It is fragrance-free so it will not further irritate your skin. Natural plant extracts such as licorice root and Vitamins B3 (Niacinimide) and B5 fight reddened inflamed areas and calm your skin. It also has contains willowbark to address acne lesions while also minimizing discoloration.

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