For Better Skin Tomorrow: 3 Things to Do Today!


Want Better Skin Tomorrow? Here Are 3 Things You Can Do Today!
There is nothing like waking up, looking in the mirror, and finding clear, bright, beautiful skin. While keeping up your smooth, even skin is an ongoing process that involves the right products, healthy eating, and careful supplementation, sometimes you don’t have the patience to wait for all that.  When you’re feeling antsy and want to see some results RIGHT NOW, do these three easy things to see superior skin in the mirror tomorrow morning:

1. Keep Your Hands Off!
Five words: Do. Not. Touch. Your. Face. You can make an immediate impact on the health of your skin by ensuring that the bacteria and oils on your hands – even you, clean people! – doesn’t ever get the chance to make their way into your unsuspecting pores. Keep this in mind especially in situations when you are usually tempted to massage your temples or rest your chin in your palm: these are actions that many of us do without thinking. In combination with proper cleansing and non-comedogenic makeup and wax free skin care, NOT putting finger to face can prevent the pimple that might have graced your chin tomorrow from ever getting started. Result: The breakout you prevent may be your own.

2. Take It All Off
Now that you’ve made sure to keep your hands away from your delicate skin all day, it’s time to turn your mind to making sure that the makeup you applied in the morning isn’t still around when you get ready to do it all again tomorrow. Making sure to use makeup remover when necessary and a gentle, sulfate-free cleanser allows your skin to breath and prepares your face to better absorb any serums or moisturizers you apply before bed. In addition to clogging pores, leaving traces of makeup on your face at bedtime can lead to skin irritation. If that wasn’t enough, small amounts of leftover mascara or eyeliner can cause a shadow around your eyes, making you appear more old and tired than you truly are. Result: A clean face is a happy, fresh face.

3. Don’t Underestimate Your Bed
Though you may be able to slog through another day on coffee and 5 hours’ sleep, you won’t be able to do it looking your best. When you don’t get enough sleep, you don’t give your body the chance to repair and refresh itself the way it is designed to do. This can lead to puffy eyes, splotchy skin, and, for some, those tiny pillow marks that occur sometimes when you make a mad dash out of the house (is this just me?). The American Academy of Sleep Medicine mentions a study here  that reveals that pictures of men and women when they are well-rested are rated more attractive than pictures in which the same men and women have gotten inadequate sleep. Get thee to bed on time – and wake up to the benefits. Result: De-puffed and de-lightful skin.

While you’re waiting for all your careful efforts to give you the skin you’ve been dreaming of, don’t lose your patience – just follow these three rules and wake up to more beautiful skin tomorrow.

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