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No Bull Super Natural Lip Balm

No Bull Super Natural Lip Balm
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No Bull

Super Natural Lip Balm

100% Free of Bogus Ingredients & Chemical Crap! No Bull!

For Lips, Cuticles and Unruly Brows too!

.15 oz | 4.25g

This super-natural nutrient rich balm hydrates and nourishes the delicate skin of the lips. Your precious lips need not feel dry and dehydrated before you apply this nutrient rich balm - prevention is the key! NO BULL!  AND - it is multi-purpose too!  Apply to your cuticles, brows and out of control 'stache if you like!  This special blend of organic coconut oil, hemp, sea buckthorn, red tea, argan oil and more offers a super-powered protective balm. This is the perfect lip treatment for you AND to prevent the pesky lip lines that come with age too! A great gift too, free of chemical poo!

How to use:  Simply apply to your lips - c'mon now, really? :) Kidding - there's more!  Apply to your cuticles, brows and even your 'stache to moisten and keep in place!

  •   Argan Nut Oil: Potent antioxidant oil hydrates and protects delicate skin
  •   Hemp Seed Oil:  EFA's super hydrate and super soothe
  •   Coconut Oil:  Naturally soothes and moisturizes dry flakey skin
  •   Red Tea (Rooibos): High-powered antioxidant combats free radical damage
  •   Sea buckthorn: Highest Vitamin A and C content protects and repairs

Super Moisturizing

Super Soothing

Super Natural Lip Balm!

Vegan - Non GMO - Gluten Free - Cruelty Free - Organic - Fair Trade - Say No More!  :) 

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