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The Skin Specialist.
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Professional Skin Consultations:

Whether you are interested in learning about ingredients, aging, products, services or a particular skin condition or challenge, our specialist will gladly provide you with a detailed consulation to suit your needs.

Consultations are provided by our Master Licensed Aesthetician & Cosmetologist of over 28 years. Our specialist has been an educator for some of the largest skin care manufacturers in the country. She has studied skin and hair care ingredients, anti-aging, acne, rosacea, herbal medicine, homeopathy, fitness, aromatherapy, hormonal factors, hair loss and nutrition extensively in order to offer her clients an abundance of information for rejuvenation & wellness. We guarantee you an information packed session focused on your particular concerns and the variety of factors that have an effect on our skin and body as a whole. Make sure to have a pen and paper on hand! Consultations are offered for 30 or 60 minute sessions at $60/30 min. or $110/hr.and may be arranged via phone, skype or in person.  We also offer complimentary 15 minute product consultations to answer any questions relating to your products or purchase. 

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