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100% Natural Custom Beauty Blends!

100% Natural Custom Beauty Blends!
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Product Information

Now Introducing:

Custom Blended Beauty By Sevani Botanica

Custom-blended therapeutic treatment blends are now available! 
An Expert Aromatherapist | Aesthetician will create a custom blend from 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils in a unique base for maximum efficacy. This extensive knowledge enables her to create an effective skin balancing synergy like no other!

Whether you are looking to improve your skin tone or texture, supplement your skin care regimen, reduce anxiety, reduce stress,  alleviate hormonal challenges or simply utilize for anti aging skin care Sevani's expert formulator will create a special blend specific to your needs!  Simply email us and we will have a Sevani representative contact you to get started! 

These "Custom Blends" are a synergy of pure plant essences for mind, body and beauty

Custom Beauty Blends: (eco-friendly amber glass applicator bottle)
Sevani's specialists can create a blend for any of the following:
Redness - Rosacea
Resistant Acne
Firming Tightening
Headache relief
Pain Relief
Anxiety relief
Hormone balancing
Concentration-Mental Fatigue

You may also Simply Select from the following:
Stress Relief  (sweet orange, lemon, bergamot, lime, mandarin, ylang)
Hormonal Blend or  (lavender, rose geranium, clary sage, ylang, neroli)
Grounding Blend  (vetiver, holy basil, frankincense, patchouli)
       * all in a base or organic oils for skin rejuvenation.

Simply email and you will be contacted to review your skin history.
10 minute consultation is included via phone, skype or email.

Consider this as a Gift, people just love custom blends!

More info: 
Therapeutic essential oils offer a variety of benefits for body, beauty and mind!  During the inhalation of 100% pure essential oils, you are inhaling the very consciousness or "life force"  of the plant. The energetic vibration or intelligence assists in raising and balancing our vibration as nature intended.  This harmonious interaction can assist us with overcoming both emotional and physical challenges we experience.  Simply contact us at for your request and include any relevant information.

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