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No Bull Bath Salts

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A divine blend of Dead Sea salts, epsom salts and essential oils detoxify, nourish.  Alleviate stress and minimize muscle fatique by indulging in a therapeutic blend today!

Choose from:

Ylang ylang and bergamot - offer the perfect synergy to minimize stress, anxiety and reduce tension. 

Soothing lavender - high altitude lavender will soothe sensitive skin and reduce tension, anxiety and stress.

May be added to bath or sniffed from the reusable vintage-style jar as needed!

The Incredible Ingredients:

Ylang Ylang Formula:

Dead Sea Salt  - minerals detoxify and purify  - alleviate stress/painful muscles and fatigue

Ylang Ylang - promotes a calm spirit, anti-anxiety

Rose Petals - infuse the bath and brain with skin soothing essences

Bergamot - alleviates stress, uplifts spirit


Lavender Bath Salts:

Dead Sea Salt - minerals detoxify and purify  - alleviate stress/painful muscles and fatigue

Lavender Flower Buds - infuse the salts with pure lavender aroma and beautiful color

High Altitude Lavender Essential Oil - the highest grade lavender to reduce stress, while soothing the skin

Application: Add 1-2 heaping tablespoons to your bath and/or sniff direct from jar as needed for stress and anxiety relief.

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