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Purrifying Facial Tonic

Purrifying Facial Tonic
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Purrifying  Facial Tonic

All Natural Purifying Facial Toner with Willowbark

Pounce out occasional blemishes and discoloration with with this unique purrrifying facial tonic.  Enriched with soothing botanicals and organic ingredients this aromatic mist will tighten, tone, mildy exfoliate and purrrify your skin for a radiant glow!  We ain't lion!

Use along with our cleansing milk and cougar cream and you will be roaring to go! We're pawsitive!

Furmula Contains:

Willowbark - soothes and mildly exfoliates

Licorice Root - minimizes discoloration, leopard spots and scarring

Orange blossom - soothes and tones skin

Aloe Vera - hydrates and nourishes 

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2 fl oz

Made in USA

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