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No Bull Super Natural Lip Balm

No Bull Super Natural Lip Balm
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No Bull 

Super Natural Lip Balm - UNFLAVORED   

.15 oz | 4.25g

This super-natural nutrient rich balm hydrates and nourishes the delicate skin of the lips. Your precious lips need not feel dry and dehydrated before you apply this nutrient rich balm - prevention is the key! NO BULL!  AND - it is multi-purpose too!  Apply to your cuticles, brows and out of control 'stache if you like!  This special blend of organic coconut oil, sea buckthorn, red tea and more offers a super-powered protective balm. This is the perfect lip treatment for you AND to prevent the pesky lip lines that come with age too! A great gift too, free of chemical poo!

How to use:  Simply apply to your lips - c'mon now, really? :) Kidding - there's more!  Apply to your cuticles, brows and even your 'stache to moisten and keep in place!

       Super Moisturizing
       Super Soothing
       No-Bull Super Natural Lip Balm!

Non GMO - Gluten Free - Cruelty Free - Organic - Fair Trade


UNFLAVORED - Image color may vary from actual product.

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