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No Bull Facial Serum

No Bull Facial Serum
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Product Information

This luxurious all-natural skincare oil offers a potent blend of nutrient rich organic botanicals, antioxidants, EFAs and pure plant power from rose hips, frankincense, ylang ylang and primrose to provide smooth, radiant & glowing skin!

Many uses: 

Apply to skin after cleansing and toning.  Add a few drops to your current moisturizer, apply to your hair for sheen and hydration, or use as a shaving oil!  For men and women of all stages and ages!  

Run a few drops of the facial serum in your hair or add it to your moisturizer for extra oomph. - Daily Candy

Incredible Ingredients:

Grapeseed Oil - antioxidant-rich anti aging oil 
Hemp Seed Oil
 - sustainable, rich in GLA, omega fatty acids and essential nutrients for age prevention
Rosehip Seed- potent antioxidant & anti-aging botanical. Rich in Vitamin C antioxidant
Argan Nut Oil-  phyto-nutrients and vit. E protect and preserve the skin
Sea Buckthorn Berry - super high vitamin C and A content protects and renews
Sunflower Seed Oil-  high in linoleic acid, will not clog pores, anti-aging
Frankincense-  anti-aging, restorative oil, sacred oil
Ylang Ylang -  balancing, stress reduction (hey some say has aphrodisiac properties, watch out!)
Lavender - skin soothing oil reduces redness

1 fl oz | 30 ml 

vegan - nontoxic – gluten free – synthetic chemical free – crap free

vegan - nontoxic – gluten free – synthetic chemical free – crap free

       No Bogus Ingredients. No Chemical Crap. NO BULL!

Application:  Apply daily after cleansing and toning by massaging gently into face, hands, neck, and even your hair!  No need to waste it! :)

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