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The Crazy Cat Lady's Guide to Skin Purrfection

The Crazy Cat Lady's Guide to Skin Purrfection
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The Crazy Cat Lady's Guide to Skin Purrfection
Holistic Remedies for Lasting, Radiant Beauty

The Crazy Cat Lady’s Guide to Skin Purrfection arises out of Sher’s purrfectly pure approach to beauty and her passion for animal welfare. Her 28 years of experience as a Holistic Aesthetician and meticulous research has taken her down this alley for you and the kitties.  She offers this book as your guide to natural, lasting beauty and encourages you to think outside the litter box!
Her Crazy Cat Lady beauty concoctions gained so much attention that she had to answer the growing demand for information, and now in her unique, whimsical and meow-velous manner her inspirational mission continues. Get to know the Crazy Cat Lady Lifestyle for yourself and find out how easy Sher makes it to live in the pure splendor of a toxin-free lifestyle, and achieve pawsitively radiant skin!  Crazy Cat Lady or not… you will want to purr-use this right meow!
You will learn about:
  • The Hiss-Tory of Cosmetics
  • AromaPurrathy Benefits
  • The Catillacs of Ingredients
  • Pawsing Time with Natural Remedies
  • Why Lion Around is Good for Ya
  • Kit-Teas and Smoothies for Beauty
  • Tips to Retract Your Claws During Menopaws
  • Psycho Kitty Procedures
  • Purrty Skin Tips for All Skin Types
  • Bogus Beauty Claims, Fur–Real!
  • Pawesome Superfoods for Hair and Skin
  • How to Achieve the Purrfect Cat-Eye
  • How Kitties Purrvide Health & Beauty Benefits
  • How to Catify Your Beauty Routine
& Much, Much More!
The Cat’s Outta the Bag so no More Pussyfootin’ Around!
Let's Pounce Down the Alley Right Meow!
Proceeds are donated to various rescues and animal welfare organizations.  Thank you for your contribution!

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