The Exceptional Effects of Exfoliating


If there is one step that most people fail to incorporate in their regimen, it is exfoliating. You might think that cleansing and toning are enough but at times, the skin needs to be exfoliated to get rid of deeply seated dirt, dead cells and more.  These dead cells contribute to dullness and imperfections. While the skin regenerates regularly, the process can be slow which is why you have to assist it by using exfoliants.  In addition, as we age, the skin cells shed even more slowly so it becomes a necessity.

According to, no matter how fancy or expensive your creams and serums are, they might not be completely absorbed by the skin cells because of dirt and sebum that act as blockages. This means that the products you use might be useless because they basically just sit on your skin’s surface and don’t penetrate!

The frequency of exfoliating varies according to each person’s skin type. But use caution as certain types of exfoliation strip off the skin’s natural oils. If you exfoliate via mechanical means such as brushes, scrubs, or harsh detergents it will only signal the skin to produce more oil.  Therefore you must choose an exfoliant that’s effective yet gentle. Some products might have scrubbing beads which are too large and too hard for the skin that can make you red and even cause broken capillaries!  Not good!

Our Skin Specialists we suggest using alpha hydroxy fruit acids (all natural) on a daily basis to gently dissolve skin cells while renewing skins texture.  If the product also contains anti inflammatory agents you have it made.  In addition natural fruit acids can minimize discoloration, breakouts and even reduce the appearance of scars.  And guess what? They are collagen boosters too!  It’s that easy!  You can find these ingredients in this brand if you prefer an all natural non toxic product.

Use a concentrated serum to nourish the skin afterwards. Other than the face, the body also needs exfoliating especially the knee and elbow areas. All you need is a body scrub and a loofah for these areas as this skin is much tougher, less prone to broken blood vessels or pigment issues.

By doing these things, you may expect a radiant and smooth skin that’s not prone to breakouts and a dull appearance. Look fresh and radiant every day by using a radiance enhancing cleanser? This type of cleanser’s brings out the skin’s natural glow with fruit acids and non drying ingredients that often contribute to the need to exfoliate. Harsh cleansers and scrubs actually can create more skin cells as a result of how the skin protects itself.  Having radiant skin definitely starts by taking care of yourself. Exfoliating only takes a few minutes but the effects are beyond noticeable.

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