Are Your Beauty Products Really Cruelty Free?


Skincare and cosmetic products are absolutely necessary for any individual aiming to improve their appearance. But what if behind the moisturizer that you are slathering on your face is the painful torture of an animal? How does that make you feel as a consumer?

For the longest time, the issue of animal testing has always been controversial in the skincare industry. Some may agree if a product has a potential side effect, it should be tested at first, and while this thought may be valid, why wouldn’t we test on humans vs innocent animals??  And more importantly why would we use anything that “could be” potentially harmful or toxic in the first place with SO MANY nontoxic options available?  Animal testing can be completely abolished in the manufacturing of beauty goodies.

There are a lot of testing alternatives which can still ensure the harmlessness of skincare products. Some countries strictly implement animal-testing bans. They use innovative computer procedures to take note of a product’s good and bad effects. These procedures are not inexpensive but it is time we all implement such cruelty free alternatives. Furthermore, not everyone can be sure that animal-tested products really work because animals and humans have entirely different biological make-ups.

Furs of animals are shaved to facilitate the easy swabbing of creams and oils. Since the skin of humans is quite different from the animals, these creatures suffer from itchiness, inflammation, and even burns. The animals are seen as “disposable”. :( Now, with this inflammation even present how on earth could we even get a “true” result to the efficacy of an ingredient anyway?  Does any of this make sense to you?  Not us!

If you want to beautify without a tinge of guilt, choose vegan or super natural products which do not have questionable ingredients, vegan is even better. From nourishing all naturally derived facial oils to repair serums, you can source promising items which are free from heartlessly conducted tests. A lot of companies conceal the truth about their testing processes but don’t give in to ignorance. While PETA and others list their registered cruelty free companies, sometimes companies are removed from these lists and they may not be updated frequently so we recommend that you get to know your skincare and beauty companies well by researching them thoroughly.  Not too mention some companies “charge” for cruelty free status to be added to a list but with no real verification making it hard to trust.  As some smaller brands can’t afford to pay for that and well, if it’s about the money it’s hard to know.  It’s best to know what ingredients are commonly tested and avoid them.  Animals cannot talk when they are in pain, who else is there to help them?

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