The Beauty Benefits of Eating Less Dairy and Meat


It cannot be denied that there’s a continuous surge in the demand of meat and dairy worldwide. Nonetheless, lessening this duo in your diet can pave way for so many beauty benefits for your skin!

Unfortunately dairy consumption from milk, cheese, yogurt etc. etc. can cause flem, high cholesterol and even clogged pores. Surprised?  Don’t be. The cholesterol content can create an imbalance the body’s cholesterol levels. When cholesterol levels are high, there’s a tendency for the arteries to become blocked. So you may think that milk products are the best source of calcium,  when in fact it can also be derived from other veggies like broccoli, cabbages, okra, mustard greens, and almonds.  These nutrient packed foods have numerous benefits for the skin too!

As for meat, the downsides of eating it have been emphasized over and over. High cholesterol being the number one foe. Meat has long been known for its vital component which comes in the form of iron. Fortunately, you can still have an intake of this mineral even if you’re maintaining a healthy diet. In fact, by pairing iron-rich foods with vitamin-C punched goodies, the body’s capability to absorb iron is similarly heightened! One example of powerful pairing is spinach and oranges. Beans and grains like lentils and black beans are good sources of iron too. It is advisable to lessen intake of substances that slow down the body’s iron absorption like coffee.

Indeed, too much of everything is bad. If you think lessening or omitting dairy and meat in your diet is so difficult, just use some of Tinseltown’s hottest stars as your inspiration. To prepare for her role as Catwoman, actress Anne Hathaway focused on eating veggies.  Oscar-winner Natalie Portman is passionate for a healthy plant based diet. Her recent wedding even served a pure veggie-based cuisine! Even President Bill Clinton maintains a vegan diet and looks and feels much better.

Aside from health benefits, a nutritious diet contributes to the skin’s beauty. Zinc, which can be found in beans, effectively combats pimples and redness. Proteins such as legumes and tofu are also abundant in protein which makes the skin firmer. If you’re craving for something sweet and at the same time yearning for seriously pretty skin, you can check out these yummy smoothie recipes.

To achieve noticeable effects in a faster period of time, just add in a natural skincare regimen that will compliment the nutrients from your healthy diet. Loading up on these goodies is a surefire way of contributing to skin that glows from the inside out!

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