Natural Moisturizers Role in the Prevention of Trans-Epidermal Water Loss and Accelerated Aging


Understanding the skin and how it functions can provide you with the information needed to have an ideal skincare regimen. Don’t fall victim to fancy ads and just apply any product to the skin. Many people overlook essential ingredients to ensure proper levels of moisture.  If the skin is not hydrated enough, it becomes more vulnerable to injury, acne, aging and  even scarring.  A core reason why hydration is significant is due to a phenomenon called increased trans-epidermal water loss or TEWL.

Why is understanding TEWL important?

TEWL pertains to the measurement of the water which goes from the body’s inside to the surrounding atmosphere via the epidermal layer of your skin. Increased TEWL is not ideal.  It can increase due to several factors including the season and of course, the skin’s hydration level.  If you live or travel to a dry climate, TEWL surges.  This is also the case for flying long distances. Little water in the skin increases TEWL as well. Skin damage from sunburn and wounds boost TEWL. It is a process to which we have little control of unless we know the best steps to prevent it.

So what can we do to reduce TEWL?

Avoiding prolonged sun and wind exposure is one thing. Protecting the skin from weather extremes is another. However, there are numerous that can resolve these concerns–moisturizers that have natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin.  These ingredients act as humectants to draw moisture from the dermal layer and protect the skin.  In addition they prevent TEWL and accelerated aging.

High quality moisturizer ingredients not only increase the hydration level of the skin’s layers but they also reduce the skin’s susceptibility to TEWL. For further hydration boosting, you can select additional ingredients that have no risk of irritating the skin via harsh chemicals and more. Sevani products are just one of nature’s answers for moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. Apart from hydrating, it contains fruit stem cells, antioxidants and that lovely hyaluronic acid we all need for proper TEWL balance.

To make the most out of moisturizing, you can follow these tried-and-tested steps:

  1. Apply your face cream in an upward and circular motion to massage the skin and stimulate its blood circulation.
  2. Having oily skin does not mean that you can skip moisturizing. Just don’t massage too long or use a massage brush as it can trigger the skin to produce more sebum.
  3. Don’t forget the delicate under eyes! Since they have the thinnest skin, use your fourth finger to apply the product. To ensure that you’re under eyes drink richly, use a concentrated eye cream that boosts elasticity.

It’s best to moisturize twice a day – before applying make-up in the morning and after cleansing your face in the evening. You can also opt for hydrating facial masks at least once a week to have soft and supple skin.

With these simple steps, TEWL should not be a threat anymore.

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