Coconut Oil for Health, Beauty and Smoothies


Happen to wonder why a lot of people (including Hollywood stars) are in a coconut craze?

With the abundance of chemical-treated foods and confusing choices, coconuts offer so many benefits at an affordable price.

Coconut is filled with lauric acid which is medically proven as a potent antibacterial and antiviral agent. In fact, the traditional Indian therapeutic system Ayurveda relies on coconut for its power in warding off harmful bacteria.  Coconut oil can strengthen your immune system through natural means.

Aside from immunity boosting, coconut’s other claim to fame is stabilizing one’s weight. In the 1940s, some Filipino farmers used coconut oil as a replacement for expensive livestock vitamins. However, instead of the chickens gaining weight, they actually became lean, active, and resistant to diseases. Coconut helps in firing up one’s metabolism because it relaxes the pancreas and as you know, faster metabolism means lesser chance of getting fat.  Now, keep in mind, coconuts do contain fat and calories and this is by no means a weight loss miracle, particularly in abundance as the point here is that it is said to offer some benefits for metabolism regulation and disease resistance.

Coconut also promotes healthier bones and teeth because it facilitates greater calcium absorption of the body. Coconut water is a great option as it offers nutrients water alone does not supply and also tastes pretty yummy.  Make sure to consider the caloric intake however if weight loss or maintenance is a desire for you.

Adding this wonder food to your beauty smoothie or simply adding a tablespoon or two a day can also promote healthy skin and hair from the inside out. For rich and creamy coconut smoothie, you might want to check this yummy recipe.

The anti-inflammatory properties make this a super beauty supplement, but it cannot be obtained in pill form so easily.

Only raw organic virgin coconut oil supplies the nutrients and benefits for super skin!

In addition, coconut oil also hydrates hair and makes a yummy smelling conditioning treatment. It also assists in moisturizing the skin as well as reducing wrinkles. For moisture boosting, you can also add an non toxic product with vitamin rich oils like rosehip, avocado and more,  also this way you will benefit from a synergy of many beautiful ingredients from nature.

While the Philippines is the world’s largest exporter of virgin coconut oil, it’s a relief to know that products manufactured from this fruit are not difficult to find wherever you are. You may use coconut topically or incorporate it in your diet. Coconut cooking oil is a good ingredient for preparing yummy and nutritious dishes.

There are so many ways to use coconut. Hair, skin, body. All you need is a little creativity and a yearning for healthy options from your diet down to your skincare rituals.

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