Beauty Sleep Really IS Essential!


Getting adequate beauty sleep seems to be a difficult task for most of us.  It’s as if sleeping is now a luxury at times.  If you think you can get away with just a few hours of sleep at night, think again. Without proper rest, not only your does it effect your brain and memory often but your skin will be affected as well.

If you want to accelerate aging, just sleep two hours each night then voila! You’ll transform your skin to a welcoming host for zits, pimples, and blemishes. But how is this possible?

When you sleep, your brain signals the body to produce melatonin which is very significant in remedying the harmful effects of UV rays. Without melatonin, your skin will not have much protection against the sun’s damaging effects. Cumulative sun exposure will then lead to premature wrinkles and fine lines on your dermis.

Sleeping is the only time for your body to regenerate its cells. You think it’s a myth? Absolutely not!

A lot of skin problems arise because of the body’s inability to cope with environmental factors like temperature and dirt. Your skin needs to arm itself with healthy cells that can ward off the enemies. Like an army, your body needs to rest so that it can have strong defenders. Furthermore, your hormones are always raging and unstable. By sleeping, you are helping your body to control such hormones.

Another unfortunate result of sleep deficiency is the appearance of dark under eye circles. Without rest, your body encounters a difficult time when it comes to blood circulation. Since the areas surrounding your eyes are the most sensitive and thin skin, the effects immediately manifest. Dark eye bags equate to an aged and stressful appearance.

To make the most out of your beauty sleep, why not use products with corrective properties? Start by cleansing your skin and making sure that all traces of cosmetics have been removed. How about a night serum that has all the necessary ingredients to stimulate cellular renewal, repair skin damage, and decelerate aging? Finally, take care of your delicate under eye area with the Ageless Eyes Revitalizing Eye Serum that reduces puffiness and eliminates eye bags.

Even if you are in deep slumber, you still have the power to nourish your skin so put on your silk sleepwear, dim the lights, and be your own Sleeping Beauty.

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