What You Need to Know About Oily Skin


One of the most common misconceptions about oily skin is that if you want to treat it, you have to arm yourself with a strong chemically-infused cleansers and products so that the oils will be stripped away. If you are guilty of drying your skin in the hope of eliminating the grease, first read this! Stripping the skin actually leads to MORE breakouts and challenges because an overly dry skin will only trigger the production of more oils. Here’s are some important facts about oily skin:

Oily foods do not cause oily skin

If you eat a double cheeseburger or use oils to cook does it mean that the oil will directly transfer to your pores? Nope! The things you should consider as culprits may be medications, hormonal rages, genetics, and your lifestyle – whether you are smoking, drinking, partying too much, or sleeping less. Of course, you should replace that cheeseburger with nourishing foods in an effort to make your skin healthier and more vibrant.  Foods that you don’t digest well can cause skin challenges but not create more oil.

Scrubs are oftentimes too abrasive for the skin

Who can resist these products with all their lofty claims? They may smell good and claim to get rid of the skin’s deep-seated dirt in an instant. However, most scrubs have jagged granules which are harmful for the skin’s thin layers. They can even break fragile capillaries and redden skin.  Even manual scrubbing devices can be harmful for thin and acneic skin as they can cause the skin to produce MORE oil in an effort to protect itself from the abrasion.  Not good!  Consider all natural fruit acids and willowbark for a mild means of exfoliation and to balance oil and reduce acne instead.  Gently massaging the skin in the shower after steamed will also help loosen dead skin cells for a radiant glow.

Products with wax and petroleum are big no-nos

They might look promising but these products can actually clog pores.  Keep in mind that they should only be used to pamper the skin of the body. Speaking of pampering, also use caution when going for facials and treatments because not all professionals use high quality products. Start with a gentle creamy cleanser that minimizes the pores and renews the skin without stripping its nutrients.

Exercise does not create oily skin

Don’t avoid workout just because you are afraid of sweating. Actually, when you do continuous physical activities, you release toxins which improve the complexion. Sweating due to exercise is good for your face because it stimulates collagen and elastin while minimizing impurities.  But of course stay hydrated and don’t overdo it.

Maintain a skincare regime conscientiously

Cleansing and toning is significant but so is moisturizing. The key is to go for light and non-sticky formulas that will help you manage the oil.  Also, use a toner free of alcohol so as not to result in dry/rough skin which then may breakout.

You can easily opt for an all natural skincare system that’s meant for oily skin that is created by a skin care professional to satisfy the needs for gentle, non drying yet effective organic solutions to oily and skin prone to breakouts.



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