The Beauty Benefits of Vitamin C for Anti Aging


A lot of people think that vitamin C should be taken just to ward off colds or flu. While there is much truth regarding health benefits,  the benefits of vitamin C can also be tested when it comes to aging. As a form of anti-oxidant, vitamin C works hard to steer clear of free radicals. These are horrible scavengers which can damage your cells and accelerate the process of aging. The damage can be so taxing to repair which is why your body necessitates antioxidants the form of vitamin C. The main benefits of this vavavoom vitamin include:

Boosting the Immune System

Each day, you are exposed to an environment that might be filled with toxic chemicals. You really cannot stop bacteria and viruses from invading your body not unless you spend your lifetime quarantined in a sanitized room. Still, you can depend on your body’s sole defenders – the white blood cells. No matter how strong they might be, these cells also need to be reinforced and you can easily do so by taking vitamin C. Vitamin C acts as a wonderful antidote not just for colds but for other illnesses as well. With this vitamin, wounds are healed quicker and the occurrence of scars is limited. Furthermore, if you want to lessen the risks for cardiovascular attacks, you should stock up on Vitamin C.

Replenishing the Body’s Energy

This vitamin also shows its prowess in helping the body produce vital substances. One of these is L-carnitine which is a significant ingredient in energy production. L-carnitine serves as a transporter of fats to the mitochondria wherein they will be converted to energy. Low levels of vitamin C can similarly decrease the efficiency of L-carnitine which in turn can make you feel sleepy or fatigued.

Promoting the Skin’s Natural Glow

The benefits of Vitamin C is not only applicable to your health but to your skin as well! Aging is slowed down because of the vitamin’s capability to produce collagen. Collagen is the charming connective tissue that’s responsible for keeping the skin intact together. Without collagen, expect that your skin will drastically fall apart. If droopy and saggy skin is not your thing, you can go for collagen enhancing supplments, age defying toniques, and of course, vitamin C. It has been found out that vitamin C actually decelerates the production of arachidonic – the inflammatory-causing acid. Apart from impeding the process of creation, vitamin C is also able to transform the arachidonic acid to a less harmful substance.  Inflammation is the leading cause of aging so this is another benefit yet. Multitasking at its best!

Vitamin C is a vital component in the skin’s overall nourishment. Other than taking vitamin C capsules and eating citrus fruits, following a stringent skin regimen is also helpful. While aging is an irrefutable part of life, your skin can age gracefully especially if you will take care of it using the right products. Vitamin C comes in so many forms but if you select all natural forms from berries like goji, pomegranate, amalaki and the popular acai berry you will do your skin a favor.  It also found in abundance in rosehip seed oil.  These unique ingredients offer a synergistic powerhouse of antioxidants to ward off aging.


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