Sneaky Skincare Product Claims That You Should Watch Out for


Let’s face it – some point in your life, you have been tempted to purchase a product because of its eye-catching packaging or the claim. Some companies allocate a significant portion of their budget to come up with creative packaging and catchy taglines that will make a consumer run to purchase. Check out some of these bogus beauty claims to use caution with:


Confusing Claim # 1: Non Comedogenic and Oil Free (Won’t Clog Pores)

In a toxin filled environment each day, it is only normal for people to have more vulnerable skin. For fear that they might easily breakout, people keep their eyes open for products that claim to be “non comedogenic” or “oil free”. Before making a purchase,  it won’t hurt to check ingredients. Just because 100 people were tested does not mean customer number 101 won’t break out!  Acne and clogged pores, are often hormonal challenges but products with silicones, dimethicone and even synthetic waxes can clog pores despite the claim on the package as “Acne treatment”. For those with acne or oil prone skin, have you ever tried a kit that’s specifically created for your needs?  Consider doing so, or seeking a skin specialists advice.


Confusing Claim #2: Natural

Since chemical filled skincare products are heavily cautioned against these days, more companies are coming up with new collections that boast Mother Nature’s ingredients. Nevertheless, a product claiming to be “natural” does not necessarily mean that it is totally free from toxic chemicals. There are even products which claim to be natural when in fact they only contain a single natural or organic ingredient! Don’t take a risk with that claim without knowing your ingredients, and seek tried-and-true products that have a reputation and history of staying clear from harsh and toxic skincare ingredients.


Confusing Claim # 3: More Bogus Claims

Although some skincare companies love to lace their products with the “organic” tag, it does not always mean that the complete list of ingredients is indeed natural. At times, when you go through its ingredients, you will be surprised the preservatives of even organic filled beauty products pose health concerns because of their endocrine disruption factors, neurotoxicity, possible irritation to the eyes, and a lot more. There are even natural product companies that actually test on animals!

The thing to remember is that you should never judge a product because of its packaging alone – yes, this rule applies to skincare products as well! Before shopping, research first about a particular product and its ingredients. Having beautiful skin should be easy, so educate yourself with this product know-how and everything will come naturally.



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