Stress, Divorce and Hair Loss


Stress, divorce, and hair loss were recently linked by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Other contributing elements toward hair loss were smoking and drinking.

Co-author of the studies, Baham Guyuron, MD, said genetics remains a strong predictor in hair loss but stress and unhealthy factors also contribute toward losing hair.

We believe relaxation is crucial to optimum health and beauty. Rather than smoking or drinking to unwind, use natural resources to relax.

A bath with natural skin products is an excellent way to wash away stresses of the day.

Eating organic foods without toxins helps your body function with less stress.

Yoga, tai chi, and stretching make it easier to de-stress.

Take time to laugh and play to melt stress away.

Non toxic beauty products with essential oils such as lavender, neroli, and frankincense help reduce stress.

Topical products, such as Revitalash, help stimulate the growth of thicker eyelashes and eyebrow hair.

You can also massage your scalp for increased circulation and it feels pretty good too!

And of course, always seek medical attention when hair loss is sudden, excessive or extreme.

Treat yourself right by pampering yourself with high quality products and some self nurturing procedures.
You have just one life to live and one head of hair……nourish them both!



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