LED & Microcurrent Skin Rejuvenation by Soli-Tone


The skin is the largest breathing and functioning organ. It serves to protect our vital organs, yet it is not free from flaws. Between sun exposure, scarring, age spots, acne, dry skin, larger pores……this vital organ needs some TLC to prevent aging and repair, but how?

New technologies, new products, new lasers and injectables along with high price tags seem to be the latest offerings for these concerns…. but what is “NON” invasive yet effective AND affordable for aging and various skin disorders? Yes “non” invasive, meaning no down time, no pain and visible results upon the first treatment. A more natural approach…with no puffing, swelling, burning, bruising.

The TheSkinSpecialist was one of the first skin studios to introduce the latest and most effective non invasive skin renewal systems with Soli-Tone Treatments which involves the use of light therapy and micronized currents to reverse and retard skin aging. Results continue to improve for up to several months post treatment. The multi luminous bulb LED system works on the fibroblasts to stimulate collagen and elastin production, while micro current works on muscle to tighten and firm at the muscular layer. Red light at 640 nanometers effects all concerns of aging and all layers of the skin while not traveling deep to “burn” as lasers often do. Yellow light offers lymphatic drainage and wound healing, scar healing etc, while green reduces the production of melanin and assists in lightening age spots, hyper pigmentation, and blue kills bacteria related to acne. No matter what your skin type we can customize a highly effective treatment for total skin rejuvenation! To learn more click here.

The Soli-Tone super luminous LED technology along with micro current is the first skin rejuvenating device that guarantees the elimination of impurities and at the same time minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, smooths skin, reduces pores’ size, and renews the skin overall. Specifically, this kind of treatment targets common skin problems such as aging, firming, tightening, acne, redness, discoloration, and uneven pigmentation. Aside from the above-mentioned skin disorders, the Soli-Tone is also an effective way in treating thinning hair as one of the problems that persist while aging. We offer treatments for this concern for women and men alike along with education on hair loss and we recommend (do not sell) specialty supplements that may assist with hair formation.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) developed the original LED that Soli-Tone is based upon and was designed with the ability to produce collagen and heal tissue which is essential in treating wounds in outer space. What a marvelous discovery that led to a promising procedure in skin rejuvenation that benefits many in their search of harmless treatments. The Super Luminous LED’s had the ability to heal wounds by stimulating collagen and elastin while also growing plants in outer space, so you know just how effective this light therapy is now! The research behind this technology is remarkable.

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