How to Protect Your Skin At The Office

So often people forget that like all other places, the office is a scary breeding site for germs. If not cautious, germs not only cause illnesses but also affect the skin. All the things that you touch in the office “may” appear harmless but they actually have the potential to disrupt normal bacteria balance of the skin.   Below are four things which our specialists recommend you keep with you at the office:
  1. Sanitizer
Germs are microscopic, and everywhere. Just because you don’t see dust or stain doesn’t mean that you are safe. Make it a regular habit to wipe your keyboard, mouse, and phone. You can even extend the sanitizing process to the surface of your table. Prior to touching your skin, sanitize as well. However, most sanitizers have extreme alcohol contents which will leave your hands dry. Thankfully, there are sanitizers that come with moisturizers. Using them will help you fight germs without compromising the softness of your hands.
  1. Moisturizer
Your office’s air or heating system can make your skin dry and flaky. Although you have applied lotion and moisturizer after your morning shower, your skin still yearns for a thirst refresher by break time. Moisturizing mists and hand salves should be your allies for moisture that will last throughout the day. To prevent your lips from cracking, use organic lip balms before reapplying your lipstick during lunch time. If you’re wearing make-up and you find it inconvenient to wash your face and apply a cream,  you can opt for facial mists to replenish lost moisture. It’s also an instant fix if you want to refresh your face before meeting a client or reporting for a presentation.
  1. Sunscreen
Most office junkies think that they are protected from sun damage when inside the office. However, sunlight can still creep in through your office window. The sun’s harmful rays can then subtly damage your skin. If you want to protect your skin from UV rays without the fuss of sticky sunblock lotions, you can purchase double-duty products like foundations that offer some sun protection in the form of titanium dioxide.
  1. Blotting Paper
Even if you’re inside the office, your face can still experience oiliness especially if you’re dealing with stressful situations. To freshen up without ruining your make-up, use blotting papers that will certainly eliminate that awful shiny appearance.
While your schedule might be so hectic and worrying about skincare might seem petty, looking and feeling your best may also increase your productivity.  Give it a try!
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