Dreaming of Smaller Pores?


Enlarged pores are a dilemma that many of our clients complain about. While genetics can be blamed for the size of pores, other factors including sun exposure, poor hygiene and lack of exfoliation can lead to a thickening of the skin, making pores appear more visible. Having an excessive build-up of skin cells around the pores can make them appear larger than they really are. In some cases, oily skin will cause blackheads and whiteheads which also prevent you from having smaller pores.

Here are some tips you can consider to minimize the appearance of your pores:

  • Make sure to properly cleanse your skin twice a day. As you go on with your daily duties, dirt accumulates in your pores. When paired with natural oils, dirt can escalate to bigger problems particularly breakouts. However, keep in mind that you don’t need to clean aggressively. There are gentle pore refining cleansers in the beauty market that deliver results without the harsh side effects. After cleansing, proceed with the next basic step of toning. Toners are useful because they remove deeper residues that your cleanser might have missed.
  • The benefits of exfoliation should be recognized because it eliminates rough, dry dead skin cells. Instead of harsh scrubs with microbeads, you can consider gentle resurfacing creams that dissolve surface skin cells. By removing the dull layer, you may say “hello” to a fresher and more radiant appearance of the skin.
  • Undergo professional skincare treatments that can assist in minimizing the appearance of pore size. With the array of treatments these days, surely you can find something that matches your skin type and preferences. If you’re not quite sure about the differences of each treatment, don’t hesitate to consult a trustworthy specialist. On top of the treatments, don’t forget to hydrate yourself internally in order to alleviate skin stress.

Don’t worry TOO much about attaining “invisible” pores, the larger your pores, the more oil your skin secretes.  Did you know that oilier skin does not age as rapidly?  It’s true!  So don’t be disappointed by larger pores, as you age you may be grateful you had them!

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