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Meowijuana Catnip Kit-Tea

Meowijuana Catnip Kit-Tea
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Product Information

Meowijuana Kit-Tea  

Organic Catnip Tea For Body, Mind & Mood

Just as the name suggests, this meowijuana catnip tea soothes, calms and promotes rest and relaxation in humans, just as it does our feline companions! As catnip is part of the mint family the terrific tea imparts a subtle minty flavor to cooking, aids digestion, and offers detoxification purroperties rendering it an exception digestive aid and cooking additive! Also adds flavor and makes all things extra yummy!  Just make sure not to leave HOT tea or your meals where your kitties purr-use or you may have a mess on hand. 

Please use caution, this tea is for humans 

Great for:

Digestion, relaxation and just veggin' meow't!

Brew in the sun for a refreshing summer tea - but watch out for neighborhood thieves!

Assists with menstrual cramps and irritability.

Cooking - adds subtle minty flavor - mmmmm. No paws please!

  • Fair-trade and organic
  • Reusable aluminum tin
  • Caffeine free
  • Loose leaf

Made in the USA

Purrfectly Pure 

Meow for now! Zzzzzzzzz...

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