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Crazy Cat Lady Vegan Lip Balm

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These purrrfectly pure lip balms are comprised of nutrient rich organic oils, and all natural flavor from pure plant and fruit sources! Always nontoxic, non-gmo and free of artificial ingredients & synthetic flavors!   They double as aromatherapy sticks as well!  Simply apply to pulse points to sniff and alleviate tension. Purrfect!  



Smoothing, soothing, stimulating and awakening.  Dab on temples for headaches and sniff for nausea relief!


Smooth, soothe, spirit-lifting aroma. Dab on pulse points to alleviate occasional irritability and tension from the daily grind.


purrpose: Smooth, Sooth, and Calm via Organic Catnip! Very mild aroma, ideal for those that prefer very faint taste or unflavored. Hide from your kitties!

Select your flavor or try them all!  

You can't go wrong, they are meow-velous!

Cruelty Free - NonToxic - Non-GMO - GlutenFree - Vegan

.15 oz | 4.25 gr

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