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Crazy Cat Lady Whisker Wax

Crazy Cat Lady Whisker Wax
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Product Information

Whisker Wax
Grooming Salve

For Unruly Stache’s, Goatees, Brows & Flyaways!

Nurture those whiskers with our custom hand blended organic whisker wax from Crazy Cat Lady Concoctions. Featuring a plethora of nutrient-rich oils suspended in a vegan wax, coconut oil and nutrient enriched base, this organic whisker wax will help you put your best face forward whether at work or at play. Bursting with the scent of invigorating citrus and uplifting vanilla, it quickly smoothes facial hair and annoying flyaways. 

Warm the solid formula in your hands and run through your whiskers to tame and condition. This is a must-have product for the beard aficionado or mustache maverick. Dastardly villain tested and furry monster under the bed approved. Order now for gift-giving or try it yourself, safe for skin too!

Simply apply daily as needed while grooming yourself.

1 oz tin

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