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Crazy Cat Lady Flea Bag!

Crazy Cat Lady Flea Bag!
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» Product Code: CRAO40

Product Information

Flea Bags!

The Purrrfect Holiday gift for anyone that appreciates wholesome nontoxic ingredients.

Not too mention cat lovers.  :)

The Unique Flea Bag contains:

Purrfectly Pure Vegan Lip Balm -   Pawpermint Flavor  

A blend of coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, olive oil and vegan wax along with pure peppermint essential oil nourish the lips.  May also use on the temples to minimize headaches and unwind!

Stop Stressin’ Meow Organic Calming Mist -  Lavender 

Organic lavender hydrosol soothes the mind, body and spirit while also treating sensitive skin.  A refreshing face and body mist, also great for bug bites, after shaving and more. 

Neatly packaged in a convenient reusable Muslin Bag with our Flea Bag hangtag – 

The purrfect gift for cat lova’s or yourself. 

cruelty free 



gluten free

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