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Crazy Cat Lady Chamomeow Calming Mist

Crazy Cat Lady Chamomeow Calming Mist
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Product Information

Chamomeow™ Face & Body Mist - skin, mind & mood elixir for sensitive, or irritated skin and anxious mind.

Feel meow-velous in your skin with this luxurious face and body mist!  Roman chamomile soothes, and nourishes the skin while reducing redness, blemishes, and irritation from shaving while also alleviating anxiety and stress. Aloe vera is long renowned for treating a variety of skin ailments while protecting the skin from the elements. Chamomile also alleviates anxiety and stress while promoting a sense of calm and purrvana... 

Packaged in a convenient mist sprayer this handy mist treats a variety of ailments: 

- Mist your skin to nourish and alleviate redness 

- Mist your pillow for restful sleep 
- Spray a towel and apply warm or cool compress
- Mist into the air for an instant pick me up
- Makes a great gift for friends or loved ones

Vegan - Nontoxic - NonGMO - Cruelty Free

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