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Crazy Cat Lady Eye of the Tiger Feliner

Crazy Cat Lady Eye of the Tiger Feliner
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Product Information

Crazy Cat Lady Eye of the Tiger Feliner  

Crazy cat lady or not - the fabulous look of the classic "cat eye" is always trending! And now, you too, can indulge in this organic, vegan, gluten-free nontoxic formula enhanced with botanicals to nourish the delicate eye area. Simply use an angle brush or pointed tip brush, dip into this soothing gel furmula  and glide it onto the lash line.

This unique liner is so versatile you can achieve any of these looks:

* Classic thin line - close to lash line

* Smudged line  - soften it

* Grunge it out - get funky

* Smoke it  - make it thick and soften it with a qtip

* Cat Eye - a thick solid line with a wing tipped edge

Once it is dry it will stay put!!

Color:  Black Cougar!  (in case you did not know, there are no cats called black panthers....yeah, may sound cool but they are either cougars or jaguars)

Vegan - Nontoxic - Gluten-Free - Contains 75% Organic Ingredients!  

Don't know how to create a cat-eye?  Check back for tips on our blog! Coming soon!  

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