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No Bull Blemish Blaster

No Bull Blemish Blaster
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Product Information

A unique synergy of blemish blasting botanicals selected to treat blemishes, reduce redness and soothe the skin.  A special blend of willowbark, neem, witch hazel, licorice root, grapefruit and tea tree oils offer the perfect synergy to treat and prevent annoying skin eruptions.  Also useful after shaving, and for discoloration.

This special treatment was developed to minimize these annoying imperfections and ALSO prevent new ones from occurring.  Non-drying and non-irritating like many blemish treatments.  No Bull!

The Incredible Ingredients:

Aloe Vera Gel  - soothing, calming gel reduces redness

Neem - treats blemishes and prevents new ones from occurring 

Licorice Root - reduces discoloration and skin puffiness

Witch Hazel - soothing, cleansing, flushes pores 

Willow Bark - natural salicylic acid gently exfoliates skin, refines texture

Tea Tree Oil - prevents and reduces breakouts

Grapefruit Essential Oil - helps balance oil and prevent blemishes

Simply apply 2x daily to affected areas and/or apply to common breakout areas as a preventative measure.

Blast away!

 .5 fl oz/15 ml

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