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Product Information

LavenPurr  Hand & Cuticle Cream  

**We have both Lavenfur™ & Lavenpurr™ please let us know your preference or we will ship what is in stock.  We are in process of transitioning.  Thank you! 

Nourish delicate hands with this specially blended lavender hand salve.  This soothing vegan concoction contains a blend of nourishing botanicals from coconuts, sunflowers and more.  Lavender essential oil smoothes, soothes and hydrates dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. Massage it into your paws and cuticles daily to achieve maximum results. May also be used as a solid purrfume or on the temples to promote restful sleep while the aroma sends you into purrrvana...

- safe and effective for dry, cracked skin 

- lavender aroma soothes the mind and soul

- soothe skin of face and body

Vegan - NonToxic - NonGMO - Gluten Free - Cruelty Free 

To Use:  Apply and massage into hands, cuticles and any areas of skin as needed.

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