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Crazy Cat Lady Essential Oil Candles

Crazy Cat Lady Essential Oil Candles
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The Crazy Cat Lady Candle Collection  
Specially concocted blends of the finest essential oils in vegetable wax to soothe the senses and soul!

We avoid toxic synthetic fragrances to keep your house purrrrfectly pure and free of funky phthalates.  

6 oz reusable tin

Choose from 2 All-Natural blends below!


Pawpermint + Eucalyptus  (Image shown)

Purrpose:  Soothing for belly, awakening for soul
Furmula:  Vegetable wax, pure essential oils, cute container, silly name

FeLime + Lavenfur    

Purrpose:  Purrfectly calming, soothing, anti-anxiety, light floral & citrus blend
Furmula:  Vegetable wax, pure essential oils, cute container, silly name


Hand-Poured - Lead free - Vegetable wax - Phlalate free – Non Toxic - Vegan - Handmade
100% essential oil aroma 



Safety precautions:
Keep out of reach of children, pets, wagging tails and unstable surfaces!
Always burn within sight!
Container may become hot during use
Burn only on non-flammable heat safe surfaces.  Extinguish and allow to fully cool before touching or moving.

Trim wick to 1/4 inch before first use and relighting.  Do not allow trimmings to fall into wax. Be safe!

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