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»No Bull Facial Tonic

No Bull Facial Tonic

» Product Information

Far more then your average toner, this blend of organic nutrients infuses the skin with potent antioxidants and humectants including neroli (orange blossom), turmeric and nutrient-rich aloe, to minimize free radical damage, hydrate, firm and balance the skin. The aromatic essences provide an uplifting benefit to enhance your day!

We made this product simple and versatile!  

  • Spritz it on the skin and press in with your hands
  • Apply to gauze for gentle exfoliation (gentle pressure please)
  • Apply to cotton pads and swipe as needed 
  • Mist it in the air or on your hair

    The aromatic essences will brighten your spirit any way, anyhow! Spritz away!

The Incredible Ingredients:

Goji Berry  - potent vitamin C content combats accelerated aging 

Turmeric - brightens the skin to minimize imperfections

Orange Blossom (Neroli) - nourishes skin, and prevents accelerated aging

Aloe Vera - nourishing vitamins and nutrients hydrate and promote healthy skin

vegan - nontoxic – gluten free – synthetic chemical free – crap free

         No Bogus Ingredients. No Chemical Crap. NO BULL!

Application:  Use twice day after cleansing. Take it with you to the gym, work or on vacation and use periodically throughout the day to get your glow on!

» Price: $28.00

» Product Code: NB-Tonic


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