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»No Bull Citrus Cleanser

No Bull Citrus Cleanser

» Product Information

This unique surfactant-free cleanser is filled with nourishing botanicals and potent antioxidants derived from organic teas, berries, and pure plant essences to cleanse and nourish without the use of crappy chemicals or harsh abrasive ingredients. And it smells delish' too! 

This synergy of nature's goodness will gently cleanse while essential oils offer properties for any and all skin types.  And guess what?
It doubles as a super shaving/cleansing gel for men!  The super soothing ingredients provide a silky smooth shave and reduce irritation!

If it doesn't lather it doesn't mean it isn't working. Our special formula utilizes botanicals, witch hazel and foam-free, funk-free cleansing agents to dissolve dirt and grime to keep your skin sublime! Avoiding the bubbles will keep your skin out of trouble.....and that's no bull!  

Stripping your skin compromises the necessary acid mantle barrier which offers protection from the harsh environment, toxins and grime - so try the No Bull Beauty Method and protect your skin from the common sins.....and experience pure plant power!  

Incredible Ingredients:

Goji Berry - vitamin C content combats accelerated aging

Witch Hazel - deep cleanses, tones, and tightens

Aloe Vera- soothes, hydrates, infuses nutrients and vitamins

Hemp Seed Oil - omega  fatty acids protects and prevent aging

Lemon - purifies, and tightens for a luminous glow

Blue-Green Algae - phytonutrients protect and promote healthy skin balance

Turmeric Extract - brightens and purifies, combats pesky blemishes

Coconut Oil - nourishing, hydrating, cleansing oil 

sulfate free - surfactant free - vegan – nontoxic – gluten free -  synthetic chemical free – crap free

No Bogus Ingredients. No Chemical Crap. NO BULL!

Application:  Apply a dollop (love that word) to your palms along with a small amount of warm water.  Massage in circular motions for 60 sections and remove with warm water and/or a wash cloth. Follow with the No Bull facial mist and serum for optimal results. 

» Price: $35.00

» Product Code: NB-CitrusCleanser


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