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Pussyfootin ™ Funky Foot Remedy

Pussyfootin ™ Funky Foot Remedy
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Product Information

Pussyfootin' Funky Foot Remedy w/ Pawpermint™  

Treats sore achey feet, cracked heels, and overworked muscles while naturally eliminating foot funk. 

End your day on a meow-nificent note! Our special blend of therapeutic essential oils along with arnica montana extract treats sore achy feet, cracked dry heels, and muscles of the body. The soothing, cooling and invigorating properties of clove, wintergreen and mint revitalize your tired feet so that you can look forward to night time activities - like pouncing! Take it with you hiking, biking or for outdoor activities as this handy concoction is a great travel companion, that may also repel pesky insects.

- soothes tired muscles of feet and/or body

- anti-fungal essential oils repel foot funk

- excellent travel companion

- wonderful aroma

A special blend of clove, wintergreen, peppermint and eucalyptus in a base of sunflower, coconut oil,  olive oil, and candelilla wax 

cruelty free - vegan - nogmo - nontoxic - gluten free

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