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Cat Lady Organic Tea Set

Cat Lady Organic Tea Set
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The organic Chamomeow and Pawpermint Kit Tea's make the perfect gift set, complete with cat and fish BPA-free tea infuser, at a savings you can't beat beat if buying them separately.  Great to help any Crazy Cat Lady unwind at the end of a long day, they will be purring in no time!

Pawpermint   - Organic Tea for Indigestion & Headaches

When your stomach is feeling less than purrfect, try a cup of our Pawpermint tea, featuring the finest all-natural dried peppermint tea leaves. Our all-organic blend is free of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, making it both safe and beneficial for your health. Peppermint leaf tea is known for its ability to enhance digestion and soothe the belly (so have after each meal), as well as relax muscles, improve skin tone, clear sinuses,  and alleviate headaches.

Great For:
Indigestion, relaxation, clear head and sinuses, soothing belly and headaches

Chamomeow  - For Calm Mind, Body & Spirit

Soothe your inner kitty and help retract your claws with a steaming cup of our Chamomeow  tea,  featuring the finest dried chamomile buds Mother Nature offers. Our all-organic blend is free of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, making it truly beneficial for your health. Chamomile is ideal for relieving the stress of the day and can also aid indigestion. In the summer, you can use to make iced tea. Sounds purrfect! With the calming effects of the chamomile, all your worries will melt away and you'll be purrrrr-ing come sunrise.

Great for:

De-stressing, relaxation, indigestion, sensitive skin

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Reusable tins  - Loose leaf -  Caffeine-free -  Cat & Fish Stainless BPA-Free Tea Infuser   

**(Black or White cat will ship - if preference please place in comments but cannot guarantee)

**Items may be purchased individually

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